I am a painter and designer living in Portland, Oregon with my husband Ryan. I've loved art all my life and have been painting from the moment I could hold a brush. I spent hours as a little kid, on our living room floor, trying to replicate the sketches I saw in library books while watching movies and eating Oreos. Since those early days, my passion for drawing and painting has only continued to grow.

Making art is what makes me feel most alive. Painting brings me a great sense of peace, challenge and enjoyment. I'm drawn towards the vibrancy and textures of oils and appreciate the flexibility of gouache. I enjoy being immersed in the outdoors while plein air painting but am also comfortable in my home studio where there is more light and less rain. I find inspiration through traveling and exploring nature and aspire to catalog the beauty I find along the way. My hope is that others can find a connection with my work and feel the same joy I experience while creating it.